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K5 Science Fair

Friday, January 31st

Held by grade level teachers in a virtual ZOOM ROOM

Hello Student Scientists!

We are so excited for our VIRTUAL Science Fair this year.  It will be on Friday,

January 31st.  That is coming up quickly so if you would like to participate please REGISTER ABOVE as soon as you can. You don’t need to have all the details

figured out yet, we just need to know how many students will participate.

You will need help and support from your Learning Coach!

This is not a project that is meant to be done alone.

Please make sure you have an adult ready to help before you sign up and get started.

Keep your project simple and do not pick a project that involves dangerous activities.

Find a topic that interests you and let the research begin! Use as many resources as you'd like to find your information. (Don't forget to include those sources in

your project)

Because our science fair is VIRTUAL, you will need to create a 5 minute or less presentation using

Power Point. 

The problem is an open ended scientific question question (example) “How does light affect bean seed growth?”  Make sure you limit your problem to something that can be solved with a single experiment.

A hypothesis is the idea you have about the solution to your problem.  You will need to back up your hypothesis with facts you learned during your research.  A hypothesis for the example in the last section would look like this:  “I believe that bean seeds do not need light for seed germination.  I base my hypothesis on this fact:  Seed packages instruct the user to plant seeds beneath the soil where it is dark.


Questions? Email Julie Morales: jmorales@utahvirtual.org

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